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Summary: Ariana Grande is a prominent figure in the music and entertainment industry. Her impact on the fashion industry is undeniable as she often sets the latest trends with her style. With the release of her sixth album, ‘Positions’, she has launched a line of merchandise related to the album. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise, including its designs, products, and availability.

1. The Designs of Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise

The designs of Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise are inspired by the ‘Positions’ album itself. The product design features aesthetics that are feminine, sleek, and minimalist. The apparel is comfortable, stylish and perfect for daily wear. The merchandise features Ariana’s signature bunny ears, upside-down love hearts, and clouds, which are all iconic images associated with Ariana Grande.

The color combination of the merchandise ranges from black, pink, mustard, and several muted shades. The merchandise includes hoodies, t-shirts, long sleeves, socks, dad hats and face masks among others. This line also includes several accessories like necklaces, bracelets, badges and pin sets that can accessorize your outfits and complement your accessories collection.

One of the highly anticipated merchandise is the vinyl edition of ‘Positions’. It comes in two color variants – clear and black. The vinyl edition provides a new way for fans to listen to the album, thus taking their listening experience to another level.

2. Products of Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise

Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise is not only limited to apparel and accessories, but it also includes home decor items. Fans can now decorate their living spaces with ‘Positions’ inspired candles. These candles come in two scents, including the coconut wax blend and white gardenia petal scent.

The most popular items in the merchandise line are the hoodies and t-shirts. The hoodies are comfortable, stylish, and perfect for the colder seasons, while the t-shirts possess a classic design that can suit various occasions. The shirts come in medium, large, extra-large and 2XL to cater to diverse body types.

The sock collection included in this merchandise has been designed to provide ultimate comfort. The socks are made of ultra-soft cotton with added stretch for enhanced comfort. It comes with different designs such as a bunny face with fluffy ears.

3. Availability of Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise

The Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise is available through various platforms, including Ariana’s official website and several popular merchandising websites, including H&M and Forever 21. Most of the products from the merchandise range are exclusively available in her official webstore. Some stores that sell multimedia products may also feature the album vinyl.

The merchandise is also available internationally. Fans can purchase it online and take advantage of the shipping option provided by some of these merchandising sites. The product availability status is subject to changes due to high demand.

It is essential to note that purchasing the merchandise through other platforms rather than Ariana Grande’s official website may subject you to counterfeit products. Replica items often have designs that vary entirely and are of poor quality.


Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise features elegant designs and comfortable apparel that suits different styles. With her creativity coupled with her music prowess, the Ariana Grande official merchandise gives her fans a way to own and wear something special. The ageless appeal of the designs on these apparels and accessories sets them apart from other pop culture-oriented merchandise lines currently available. The merchandise provides excellent quality and value that caters to various preferences and budgetary constraints.

Ariana Grande has yet again left her fans thrilled with this extensive merchandise line associated with the ‘Positions’ album. The availability of different varieties with classic styles addresses the needs of a broader consumer base, making Ariana Grande Positions Merchandise the perfect choice for any trendy wardrobe addition and fan collection.

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