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Top 10 Best Rappers of all time: Do you love Rap Songs? Then, you must want to know who is the best rapper among their category. In rap, there is a lot of reference to being the best, the greatest, and number one. Well, today we are going to take a look at the greatest rappers in the genre who truly are the greatest of all time.

Rapping is a musical form of vocal delivery. It is a part of hip-hop music that mainly involves speech in a rhythmic way. This form of music started gaining popularity in the U.S. in the 1970s as street art. At the end of the decade, rapping made its way to the musical industry.

Top 10 Best Rappers of All Time

This musical form is still in trend. Rapping culture has become extremely popular and youth is loving it. You can see there are thousands of popular rappers from different countries creating songs in different languages. But, only some of them can leave a mark on their fans. To know the best rappers of all time, read below.

Best Rappers Of All Time

We have listed the 10 best rappers of all time below. The artists below have given some of the most popular hits to the music industry and have also received several awards for their works.

10. Lil Wayne

5 years ago Lil Wayne passed a major milestone on the billboard charts. He passed Elvis to become the artist with the most billboards hot 100 hits of all time. His inclusion on this list is mostly due to his longevity starting his career in 1996 and still going strong 21 years later.

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With 11 studio albums and a seemingly endless supply of mixtapes and song features. It’s pretty easy to see him in the 10th position on our list of the best rappers.

9. Rakim

Paid in Full is looked at as the album that changed rap forever. From the old school to the new so to speak. Rakim has one of the greatest deliveries in all of the rap music and his command or bar structure was beyond anyone in 1987 and gives many MC’s today a run for the money.

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If you haven’t heard Rakin and Eric B’s Paid in full pause this video now go listen to it and come back here after we’ll wait. See we told you it was incredible. You’re right his sound really is the blueprint for many of our favorite MCs.

8. Nas

Nas is another one of the best rappers in the world. From a lyrical standpoint, there are few people who can compete with Nas. Bursting onto the scene in 1994 with the legendary album Illmatic which is widely considered one of the greatest if not the greatest rap albums of all time.

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Watch out if you get on Nas’ bad side or you may catch yourself on the wrong side of a diss track. The Song “Ether” from 2001 Stillmatic roasted Jay-Z so hard that people thought Hova was done for. Need more proof? Nas’ B-side collection the Lost tapes is better than most artist’s A-side studio releases.

7. Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill’s 1998 debut “The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” Is the very definition of a classic album but that’s not surprising. Lauryn Hill has been part of some of the best hip hop ever. As part of the Fugees, she changed the landscape of rap with such hits as “Killing Me Softly”, “Fugee-La” and “Ready or Not” as she crushed the song “If I ruled the world”.

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On her own album, she reached number 1 on the Billboard charts with “Doo-Wap (That Thing)” and that album sold 2.4 million copies in under 4 months. So ready or not Lauryn Hill is one of the best rappers of all time.

6. Andre 3000

What can you even say about Andre 3000? He was one half the legendary (potentially greatest duo) in the history of rap Outkast. He made multiple platinum-selling records and made some amazing unique music. From Rosa Parks to the Art of storytelling Andre has consistently dropped some of the most thought-provoking and downright funky lyrics in all of rap music.

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Then he went solo and made the song Hey-Ya which decided to take over the radio waves in the fall of 2003. That track was listed at number 2 on the list of best songs from 2000-2004 by pitchfork and number 15 on Blender’s list of “Best Songs released since you were born.” Stylistically Andre brings a flair and style all his own and his placement of metaphors inside of and crossing bars is at the top of the game and inimitable.

5. Kanye West

There are few artists on this list who elicit such a reaction as Yeezy. No matter what you think of him as a person. He is a truly unique musical mind producing tons of hits before even grabbing the mic himself. But once he did He ascended to the absolute pinnacle of rap music and has decided to never leave.

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He has 15 top 20 singles and is featured on over 20 top 20 singles. The man is a hit factory. In addition to being a musical genius, he has taken on shoes, high fashion, and the art world. While he can come off as an egotistical jerk there is no denying that he but in the top 5 greatest of all time.

4. Jay Z

Hova is a legend. That’s pretty much all we need to say. But we will say more. He just released his 14th studio album and like all the other records in his collection, it went platinum. Jay Z embodies everything that is new york rap music. He is so good that he got scorched by Nas and walked right through it and kept churning out hits. There can’t be a list of the best rappers without Jay Z.

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On top of that, he is one-half of the most powerful couple in music basically the quintessential music power couple. He is the owner of 16 top 25 hit singles and has sold 55 Million total records. That’s one record for everyone in California to have 2 with half of them with enough left over for 15 million people to have a second one. Hova would be the goat if we didn’t have these 3 to get to.

3. Tupac

Alright now here is where we get into the dicey territory. This is where subjectivity and taste will define how this top 3 plays out. Tupac is a god in rap music. He has sold 75 million records worldwide and every record in the discography is pretty much a classic. From the albums released when he was alive, 2pacalypse Now, strictly 4, Me Against The World, All Eyes On Me, to the records released after his passing, he has 13 top ten singles and 4 number one chart-topping hits.

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On top of being one of the greatest MCs of all time he had a burgeoning acting career. The most astonishing thing about Tupac his career started in 1992 and end in 1996 in 4 years he did more than most rappers do over the course of 10 even 20 years in the game. You could argue he is the greatest ever and you wouldn’t be wrong. He is definitely one of the best rappers of the time.

2. Biggie

1994’s Ready to Die is a masterclass is hit songs, efficient lyricism, and powerful metaphors. Biggie is pretty much unstoppable when it comes to how he crafts his bars. Nothing is wasted. His bar structure is so precise that papers have been written and videos have been made exploring how phenomenal his lyrical work is. Biggie deserves to be on the list of the best rappers of all time.

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Part of what is impressive about biggie is that he released 2 studio albums. Every single song he was ever a part of is a hit and in the modern streaming era, he is still so popular that Spotify has him clocked in at 5.5 million streams a month and 818 million lifetime streams. For many rappers when they pass they are elevated to another

1. Eminem

Eminem is the top artist on our list of the best rappers. From the moment Marshall Mathers came on the scene he took over. He is the best-selling musical artist from 2000-2009. He is the first artist with two certified diamond streaming hit singles. The utterly staggering number of records he has sold is 172 million. He is so far ahead of his contemporaries in sales we could stop right there and nothing more would need to be said on the matter.

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But we’ll keep going. He is the only rap artist to win best rap album 3 consecutive years and has 15 total Grammy wins. He is also an Oscar holder for the song “Lose Yourself”. Lyrically he is in a class of his own crafting intricate narrative stories ala stan or scathing hot takes on the world around him. While not as complex with his bar structures as Biggie, he is a master of spanning his bars and tieing multiple rhyme schemes together.


That’s the list of the top 10 and best rappers in the world. What did we get wrong? Who did we leave out? Let us know in the comments about who is truly the best and don’t forget to share with post your friends.  We hope you liked this information. Keep visiting the Celebrity Net Worth website for more related posts.

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