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Summary: Chad Carroll is an American luxury real estate agent, television personality, and entrepreneur. He has created a name for himself in the competitive industry of luxury real estate and has established a successful career over the years. He has also made significant wealth from his career and other ventures, making him one of the most wealthy agents in the United States.

1. Chad Carroll’s real estate career

Chad Carroll began his career in real estate over a decade ago, and he has since become one of the most successful luxury real estate agents in the country. He specializes in high-end properties, catering to the unique needs of the affluent clients he works with. His extensive experience in the industry and his keen eye for detail have enabled him to close deals worth tens of millions of dollars over the years.

Carroll’s sales record speaks for itself, with a cumulative sales value of over $3 billion throughout his career. He attributes this success to his passion for the industry and his willingness to go above and beyond for his clients, ensuring that they are satisfied every step of the way.

His sales success has also brought him accolades, including being named the number one agent at Douglas Elliman Florida, as well as being listed on The Real Deal’s “Top 100 Real Estate Agents in Miami” list.

2. Television appearances

In addition to his successful career in real estate, Chad Carroll has also made a name for himself on television. He is known for his appearances on Bravo TV’s hit show, Million Dollar Listing Miami, where he showcased his skills as a luxury real estate expert.

The show follows the lives of three agents, including Carroll, as they navigate the complex world of luxury real estate transactions. Carroll’s charm, quick wit, and extensive knowledge of the industry have made him a fan favorite, and the exposure has helped him to expand his business even further.

His television appearances have also enabled him to build a strong brand and become an authority in the industry. He is often called upon to provide expert insights and opinions on real estate trends, sales, and more.

3. Entrepreneurship ventures

Aside from his career in real estate and television appearances, Chad Carroll is also an entrepreneur. He has invested in several successful ventures, including Prodigy Real Estate Group, a firm that he founded and serves as CEO.

The firm specializes in luxury real estate services, offering everything from sales and leasing to property management and development. Since its inception, Prodigy has grown significantly, expanding into new markets and establishing itself as a leader in the industry.

Carroll’s entrepreneurial spirit and dedication have played a significant role in the success of the firm, and his expertise in the real estate industry has proven valuable in guiding the firm’s growth and expansion plans.

4. Chad Carroll net worth

Given his success in real estate, television appearances, and entrepreneurship ventures, it is not surprising that Chad Carroll has amassed a significant net worth. While the exact figure is not publicly disclosed, sources estimate his net worth to be between $20 million to $50 million.

Carroll’s success can be attributed to his hard work, exceptional skills, and dedication to his craft. His savvy business acumen and strategic investments have helped him to build a formidable portfolio of assets over the years, solidifying his status as one of the wealthiest agents in the country.

With his wealth, he has also been able to give back to his community, supporting various charitable causes and organizations through his philanthropic efforts.

5. Future plans

Despite his success, Chad Carroll has no plans of slowing down anytime soon. He continues to strive for excellence in his career, expanding his portfolio and exploring new opportunities in the luxury real estate market.

He is also dedicated to growing Prodigy Real Estate Group, leveraging his experience and expertise to help the firm meet its ambitious growth targets and establish itself as a leader in the industry.

Furthermore, he intends to use his platform to inspire and empower other entrepreneurs looking to break into the real estate industry or pursue their own ventures, sharing his insights and experiences to help them achieve success.


In conclusion, Chad Carroll is a successful entrepreneur, television personality, and luxury real estate agent whose dedication and hard work have earned him significant wealth and recognition in the industry. His expertise and strategic investments have helped him to build a formidable real estate portfolio, making him one of the wealthiest agents in the United States. His efforts in giving back to the community and supporting philanthropic causes also make him an inspiration and role model for many aspiring entrepreneurs.

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