Chadwick Boseman Net Worth: Bio, Age, Height, Weight, Wife & Kids

Chadwick Boseman Net Worth: Chadwick Boseman, called more “Black Panther” was one of the amazing actors and screenwriters in Hollywood. He is best known for his roles in the Marvel universe and has worldwide popularity.

Chadwick Boseman was an American actor, producer, screenwriter, and also a playwright. He died at the age of 43 years due to IV stage colon cancer in 2020. He worked for many films and TV shows as an actor, screenwriter, and also producer.

Chadwick Boseman Net Worth

We have given the complete life history of this amazing actor in this post. Know about Chadwick Boseman Net Worth, Age, Salary, Wife, Personal Life, and much more below.

Name  Chadwick Boseman
Net Worth $12 million
Occupation Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, and Producer
Age 43 years
Years Active 1993-2020

Chadwick Boseman Biography

Chadwick Aaron Boseman kept his marriage a secret from everyone. When announcing his death, his family also announced the marriage of Chadwick Boseman with Taylor Simone Ledward. Here is a quick introduction to Boseman’s biography.

Celebrity Name Chadwick Boseman
Full Name Chadwick Aaron Boseman
Profession Actor, Playwright, Screenwriter, and Producer
Age 43 years(at the time of death)
Gender Male
Birth Date 29 November 1976
Birth Place Anderson, South Carolina, United States
Nationality American
Height 1.83 meters
Marital Status Married
Spouse Taylor Simone Ledward
Children None
Net Worth (as of 2021) $12 million
Last Updated March 2021

Chadwick Boseman Early Life

Chadwick Aaron Boseman was born on November 29, 1976, in Anderson, South Carolina. Boseman’s parents are  Carolyn and Leroy Boseman. Both his parents were African-American. His father was a worker at a textile factory and his mother was a nurse.

Boseman was from a Catholic family and he was baptized in his childhood. He studied martial arts when he was young. Chadwick Boseman graduated from his high school in 1995 from T. L. Hanna High School. He wrote his first-ever play when he was in junior high. In 2000, Boseman graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in directing from Howard University.

chadwick boseman age

He wanted to be a filmmaker which made him turn his interest towards acting. He revealed in one of the events that he prayed to the god for the role of “Black Panther”. In 2018, Chadwick Boseman was given the honor to give a speech at the Howard University.

Chadwick Boseman Age and  Height

Chadwick Boseman’s age was 43 at the time of death. He died on August 28, 2020. Boseman’s height is said to be 6 ft tall or 1.83 m.

Chadwick Boseman Career

Chadwick Boseman started his career as a playwright in Brooklyn, New York. He wrote several plays like “Crossroads” that came in 1993. From 1997 to 2000, he wrote plays for the Rhyme Deferred where he was both performer and co-writer. He also wrote “Hieroglyphic Graffiti” and “Deep Azure” plays.

Chadwick Boseman’s first TV show was “All My Children” in 2003. He played the role of “Reggie Porter”. He then acted in several other TV series such as “Third Watch”, “Law & Order”, “Persons Unknown”, “Justified”, “Saturday Night Live”. His last TV work is the voice role in the “What If…?” series that is going to release in 2021.

chadwick boseman net worth in 2021

He rose to fame after his role in “Black Panther” and it was a huge turning point for his career. He got more films in hand and also worked for several Marvel films. He then pursued his interest in being a producer as well.

The films that Chadwick Boseman acted in are:

  • The Express: The Ernie Davis Story
  • The Kill Hole
  • 42
  • Draft Day
  • Get On Up
  • Gods Of Egypt
  • Captain America: Civil War
  • Message from the King
  • Marshall
  • Black Panther
  • Avengers: Infinity War
  • Avengers: Endgame
  • 21 Bridges
  • Da 5 Bloods
  • Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

Among these films, he also worked as an executive producer for “Message from the King”, as a co-producer for “Marshall”, and as the main producer for “21 Bridges”.

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Chadwick Boseman Personal Life

Chadwick Boseman and Taylor Simone Ledward, an American singer, started dating in 2015. Their relationship was confirmed even more when they got engaged in October 2019. However, he secretly married Ledward without letting the public know.

chadwick boseman's wife

At the announcement of Chadwick Boseman’s death, his family members revealed that Chadwick Boseman and Taylor Simone Ledward got married not long ago.

Chadwick Boseman Death

In 2016, Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with III-stage colon cancer which causes a tumor to develop from the inner wall of the large intestine. It must have been tough on him to endure such pain. However, he never revealed his disease in the public. Only his close family members and a few non-family members knew about his condition.

He worked for films, TV shows, as usual without letting anyone know. In the mid-2020s, his cancer became more dangerous and he was in the IV stage. With his wife and family by his side, Chadwick Boseman died on August 28, 2020, at his home.

Chadwick Boseman Net Worth In 2021

Chadwick Boseman’s net worth at the time of his death was $12 million. He mainly earned his net worth from his acting career. He also directed 2 short films and worked as an executive producer and main producer for 3 or 4 films. Boseman didn’t leave any will for his property at the time of his death. Therefore, his estate will be handled by California law with the representation of Boseman’s wife, Taylor Simone Ledward.

Chadwick Boseman Net Worth In 2021 $12 million
Chadwick Boseman Net Worth In 2020 $12 million
Chadwick Boseman Net Worth In 2019 Not Specified
Chadwick Boseman Net Worth In 2018 Not Specified
Chadwick Boseman Net Worth In 2017 Not Specified


Who is Chadwick Boseman?
Chadwick Boseman was an American actor, producer, playwright, and also screenwriter. He is best known for his role “Blank Panther” in Marvel films.
How did Chadwick Boseman die?
Chadwick Boseman was diagnosed with severe colon cancer in 2016. At the time he got to know about this disease, he was already in stage III of cancer.
What is Chadwick Boseman Net Worth at the time of the death?
Chadwick Boseman Net Worth at the time of his death, as of Aug 2020, was over $12 million. His major source of net worth is from acting.
Who is Chadwick Boseman's wife?
Chadwick Boseman got engaged to Taylor Simone Ledward in October 2019. They later married in secret, as revealed by Boseman’s family in a statement announcing his death.
What films Chadwick Boseman acted in?
Chadwick Boseman’s acting career didn’t last long due to his death. He worked for several films and TV shows. His best-known films are “Blank Panther”, “Avengers: Infinity War”, “Avengers: End Game”, “21 Bridges”, etc.


Chadwick Boseman was an American actor, producer, playwright, and screenwriter. He is best known for his roles in the Marvel films “Black Panther”, “Avengers: Infinity Wars” etc. He is one of those villains who are loved equally as the heroes. Chadwick Boseman Net Worth at the time of death was $12 million. Hope you liked this post. For more net worth related articles, visit Celebrity Net Worth. Stay Tuned for more celebrities’ net worth & biography.

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