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Summary: Charlie McDermott is a renowned American actor famous for his role in “The Middle.” He has also acted in other big productions and has won accolades for his performances. McDermott’s net worth has been steadily increasing since he began acting, and he is now worth a substantial amount.

1. Early Life and Career Beginnings

Charlie McDermott was born on April 6, 1990, in West Chester, Pennsylvania. He began his acting career at a young age, performing in community theater productions. McDermott then attended high school at Salesianum School in Wilmington, Delaware, where he continued to act in various productions.

After high school, McDermott moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in acting. He initially struggled to land roles but eventually got his break with a role in the film “The Village” in 2004. McDermott continued to get small roles in movies and TV shows before landing his breakthrough role in “The Middle.”

Overall, McDermott’s early life and career beginnings played a significant role in shaping his acting career and ultimately led him to his current success.

2. Breakthrough Role in “The Middle”

McDermott’s breakthrough role came when he was cast as Axl Heck in the hit television show “The Middle.” The show aired from 2009 to 2018 and was a massive success, running for nine seasons on ABC.

During his time on the show, McDermott gained widespread recognition and critical acclaim for his portrayal of Axl, an angsty and rebellious teenager. His performance was praised for its subtlety and depth, and he received several award nominations for his work on the show.

Overall, “The Middle” proved to be a turning point in McDermott’s career and helped him establish himself as a prominent actor in Hollywood.

3. Other Acting Roles and Projects

Aside from his work on “The Middle,” McDermott has also acted in other high-profile productions. He appeared in the movies “Frozen River” and “Hot Tub Time Machine,” as well as the TV shows “Private Practice” and “The Office.”

McDermott has also taken on smaller, independent projects throughout his career. He starred in the indie film “ImagiGARY” in 2013 and directed and starred in the short film “Harvest” in 2018. Additionally, he has done voice acting in several animated shows and video games.

Overall, McDermott’s versatility as an actor has allowed him to take on a wide range of roles and work in various productions throughout his career.

4. Awards and Accomplishments

Throughout his acting career, McDermott has been recognized for his talent with several nominations and awards. He was nominated for a Young Artist Award for his role in “The Middle” and was also named one of TV Guide’s breakout stars of the year in 2010.

In addition to his acting accomplishments, McDermott is also an accomplished director and writer. He wrote and directed the short film “Harvest,” which won several awards at film festivals.

Overall, McDermott’s numerous accomplishments and accolades showcase his talent and hard work as an actor and filmmaker.

5. Charlie McDermott Net Worth

With years of experience in the entertainment industry, McDermott has amassed a considerable net worth. As of 2021, Charlie McDermott’s net worth is estimated to be $2 million.

McDermott’s wealth primarily comes from his acting career, where he has earned a significant amount from his roles in television shows and movies. He also earns money from producing and directing projects.

Overall, Charlie McDermott’s net worth reflects the success and hard work he has put into his acting career over the years.


In conclusion, Charlie McDermott is a talented actor who rose to fame with his breakout role in “The Middle.” His versatility as an actor and filmmaker has allowed him to take on diverse projects and earn critical acclaim. McDermott’s early beginnings in community theater led him to Hollywood, where he has more than established himself as a respected actor. His current net worth stands at $2 million, which is a testament to his success in the entertainment industry.

Overall, Charlie McDermott’s dedication to his craft and passion for acting and filmmaking continue to drive his career forward, and we can undoubtedly expect to see more of him in the coming years.

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