Chuck Norris Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Wife & Kids

Chuck Norris Net Worth: Chuck Norris Net Worth as of 2021 is over $70 million US. This post is all about Chuck Norris’s biography, career, personal life, kids, net worth, and much more. If you are also a Chuck Norris admirer, then you must give it a try reading this post.

Chuck Norris is an American actor and professional martial artist by profession. He is also a TV producer, film producer, author, screenwriter, and U.S. Air Force member. Chuck Norris is best known for his amazing martial arts skills.

chuck norris net worth

Norris has also trained many celebrities in Martial Arts. His net worth has already crossed $70 million in 2019 and is now more than $70 million. If you want to know more about Chuck Norris, then scroll down and read below.

Name  Chuck Norris
Net Worth $70 million
Occupation Actor, Martial Artist, Television producer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Author, Air Policeman
Age 81 years
Years Active 1968-present

Chuck Norris Biography

Chuck Norris’s full details are given below in a table format for full information. He is currently 81 years old but still actively participating in social gatherings.

Celebrity Name Chuck Norris
Full Name Carlos Ray Norris
Profession Actor, Martial Artist, Television producer, Film Producer, Screenwriter, Author, Air Policeman
Age 81 years
Gender Male
Birth Date 10 March 1940
Birth Place Ryan, Oklahoma, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 1.78 meters
Marital Status Married
Dianne Holechek (1958-1989)
Gena O’Kelley (married 1998)
Children 5
Net Worth (as of 2021) $70 million
Last Updated April 2021

Chuck Norris Early Life

Chuck Norris’s full name is Carlos Ray Norris. He was born on March 10, 1940, in Ryan, Oklahoma state. His parents are Wilma and Ray Dee Norris. His father was a WWII soldier, mechanic, bus driver, and truck driver. Norris is of Irish and Cherokee descent. He has two younger brothers, Wieland and Aaron. At the age of 16, Norris’s parents got divorced. He moved to Kansas with his mother and brothers. Norris says that he was a shy, introverted, and non-athletic kid.

Chuck Norris Age and Height

Chuck Norris is currently 81 years old. He is 1.78 meters tall or 5 ft 10 inches.

Chuck Norris Career

Chuck Norris began his career as an Air Force Policeman in 1958 in South Korea. He learned martial arts when he was in Korea. When returned to the US, Norris was stationed at March Air Force Base in California. His name became “Chuck Norris” when he was in the military.

chuck norris net worth in 2021

He was discharged from the U.S. Air Force in August 1962. He then applied for Police services and opened his own Martial Arts academy. For his academy’s publicity, he started joining tournaments and won many championships.

chuck norris in films

In 1969, Norris defended his world champion title at the International Karate Championship. He also won Karate’s triple crown for winning most tournaments this year. In 1969, Norris made his debut as an actor in the film “The Wrecking Crew”. He started appearing in films as a martial artist and has done several films and Television shows as well.

  • The Wrecking Crew
  • Way of the Dragon
  • Breaker! Breaker!
  • Good Guys Wear Black
  • The Octagon
  • Silent Rage
  • Forced Vengeance
  • Invasion U.S.A (also the screenwriter)
  • Firewalker
  • Braddock: Missing in Action III ( also the screenwriter)
  • Sidekicks ( also producer)
  • Birdie & Bogey ( also producer)
  • The Cutter ( also producer)

Chuck Norris has founded two martial art systems: American Tang Soo Do and Chuck Norris System (also known as Chun Kok Do). Chuck Norris System rules are widely known around the world. He is also an author who wrote the 9 books given below.

  • Winning Tournament Karate (1975)
  • Toughen Up! The Chuck Norris Fitness System (1983)
  • The Secret of Inner Strength: My Story (1987)
  • The Secret Power Within Zen Solutions to Real Problems (1996)
  • Against All Odds: My Story (2004)
  • The Justice Riders (2006)
  • A Threat to Justice (2007)
  • Black Belt Patriotism: How to Reawaken America (2008)
  • The Official Chuck Norris Fact Book: 101 of Chuck’s Favorite Facts and Stories (2009)

Chuck Norris Achievements

Chuck Norris’s achievements and awards list are quite long as his successful career. When he was in the Air Force, he received Airman First Class, 15th Air Force, 22d Bombardment Group, and 452d Troop Carrier Wing titles. He was also given an honorary king United States Marine in 2007. In 2000, he also received the Golden Lifetime Achievement Award from the World Karate Union Hall of Fame.

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Chuck Norris Personal Life

At the age of 18, Chuck Norris married his classmate Dianne Holechek in 1958, who was only 17 years old at that time. They have two sons, Mike and Eric. Norris also has a daughter from an affair in 1963 but she met her when was 26 years old. Chuck Norris and his wife Dianne Holechek divorced in 1989.

chuck norris wife

In 1998, Chuck Norris got married to model Gena O’Kelley, who is 23 years younger than Norris. They have twins from this marriage. Chuck Norris had a total of 13 children as of 2017.

Chuck Norris Net Worth In 2021

Chuck Norris Net Worth as of 2021 is $70 million. He also owns several estates in the United States. He sold his Dallas home for $1.2 million in 2013. The majority of his income came from the acting career.

Chuck Norris Net Worth In 2021 $70 million
Chuck Norris Net Worth In 2020
$70 million
Chuck Norris Net Worth In 2019 $70 million
Chuck Norris Net Worth In 2018 $68 million
Chuck Norris Net Worth In 2017 $65 million


Who is Chuck Norris?
Chuck Norris is an American actor, martial artist, TV and film producer, screenwriter, and former U.S. Air Force Policeman. He is best known for his roles in action movies.
What is Chuck Norris Age in 2021?
Chuck Norris turned 81 years old last month which is on March 10, 2021. He was born in the year 1940.
How much is Chuck Norris Net Worth?
Chuck Norris Net Worth as of 2021 is more than $70 million. Chuck Norris earns his income from his acting and the two martial arts academies of his own.
Chuck Norris has how many children?
Chuck Norris has a total of 5 children. Two sons from his first marriage with Dianne Holechek. He has twins from his second marriage with the model Gena O’Kelley. He also has a daughter from an affair in 1963.
What is Chuck Norris real name?
Chuck Norris’s real name is Carlos Ray Norris. His name became Chuck Norris when he was in the military.

Final Words

Chuck Norris is a successful actor, martial artist, film and TV producer, screenwriter, and former U.S. Air Force Man from America. He is a great philanthropist with a net worth of $70 million. He runs his own martial arts academies. We hope you liked this article. For more interesting posts and guides, keep in touch with the Celebrity Net Worth website.

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