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Summary: Colonel Harland Sanders, the famous founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), became a multi-millionaire in his lifetime. His net worth is estimated to be around $3.5 million at the time of his death in 1980, equivalent to around $10.5 million in today’s money. But how did he achieve such wealth? Here are five key aspects that contributed to his fortune.

1. Early Life and Career

Harland Sanders was born in Indiana in 1890 and had a difficult childhood. He left home at the age of 13 and held various jobs, including a farmhand, streetcar conductor, railroad fireman, and insurance salesman. However, it was his cooking skills that would later propel him to success. He opened a cafe in Corbin, Kentucky in the late 1930s, and it was there that he perfected his now-famous fried chicken recipe.

Sanders soon became a local celebrity for his delicious food, and in 1952, he franchised his first KFC restaurant in Utah. He continued to grow the brand and personally trained each new restaurant owner on how to cook his signature dish. By the mid-1960s, there were over 600 KFC franchises in the United States and Canada, making Sanders a wealthy man.

Throughout his life, Sanders was known for his hard work ethic and commitment to his business, often working 12-hour days and traveling extensively to promote KFC.

2. KFC Sale

In 1964, Sanders sold KFC to a group of investors for $2 million (around $16 million today). While he no longer owned the company, he remained its spokesperson and continued to receive a percentage of its profits. In 1971, KFC was sold again, this time to Heublein Inc. for $285 million (around $1.8 billion today), making Sanders even more wealthy.

After the sale, Sanders remained a public figure and continued to promote KFC through appearances on television commercials and in-person promotional events. He also wrote several cookbooks and appeared in a number of feature films and television shows, further expanding his wealth and fame.

Despite no longer owning KFC, Sanders remained passionate about his fried chicken recipe and even went on to launch a rival chain called Colonel’s Lady that used a similar recipe. However, the chain never took off and was eventually sold.

3. Branding and Marketing

Sanders was a master marketer and was known for his unique appearance and personality. He always wore a white suit and black string tie and had a distinctive Southern drawl. His look and mannerisms became synonymous with KFC, and he often appeared in commercials and ads dressed in his iconic outfit.

Sanders also developed a number of memorable slogans for KFC, including “finger-lickin’ good” and “we do chicken right.” These slogans helped cement KFC’s reputation as a top fast-food brand and contributed to its ongoing success.

Additionally, Sanders was a shrewd negotiator and was able to secure lucrative deals with suppliers and franchisees, further adding to his wealth.

4. Real Estate Investments

In addition to his KFC fortune, Sanders also made wise investments in real estate throughout his life. He owned several properties in Kentucky and Indiana, including his family home in Louisville, which he purchased in 1959 and lived in until his death in 1980. He also invested in a number of other ventures, including gas stations and motels, further diversifying his portfolio.

These investments ensured that Sanders had a steady stream of income outside of KFC and helped to safeguard his wealth for future generations.

Overall, Sanders was an astute businessman who understood the value of diversification and investing for the long-term. This allowed him to build a substantial fortune over the course of his lifetime.

5. Legacy

Following Sanders’ death in 1980, KFC continued to be a successful brand, with over 20,000 locations in 123 countries. Sanders’ legacy lived on through his popular fried chicken recipe and his iconic image, which remains a part of KFC’s branding to this day.

In recent years, KFC has faced competition from other fast-food chains, but its status as a cultural icon has helped it remain relevant. Sanders’ net worth may have been impressive, but his true legacy lies in the lasting impact he made on the culinary world through his delicious recipe and enduring persona.


Colonel Harland Sanders was a self-made millionaire who achieved his wealth through hard work, dedication, and a keen business sense. He built a successful restaurant empire and became a cultural icon thanks to his unique personality and marketing savvy. While his net worth was impressive, Sanders’ true legacy lies in his profound impact on the fast-food industry and his lasting influence on American cuisine.

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