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Summary: “Hold My Hand” is a collaborative song by American recording artist Lady Gaga and South Korean girl group BLACKPINK. It was released on September 18, 2020, as a part of Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album, “Chromatica.” The song is an upbeat dance-pop track that features lyrics about supporting and standing by one another during tough times. In this article, we will explore the key aspects of “Hold My Hand” that make it such a popular and beloved track among Lady Gaga and Blackpink fans.

1. The Collaborative Nature of the Song

The collaboration between Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK broke the internet when it was announced in late 2019. Fans of both artists were excited about the prospect of the two musical powerhouses coming together to create something new and fresh. The fact that “Hold My Hand” was included on Lady Gaga’s latest studio album made it all the more exciting for fans.

“Hold My Hand” is a testament to the beauty of cross-cultural collaboration. Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK come from vastly different cultural backgrounds, but they were able to come together and create something magical. The focus on collaboration in the creation of this song has resonated with fans around the world, and has helped bring people closer together through music.

The success of “Hold My Hand” has also opened up doors for other cross-cultural collaborations in the music industry. It has shown that languages and cultural barriers can be easily overcome when artists come together with a shared vision and passion for creating something truly special.

2. The Lyrics and Message of “Hold My Hand”

One of the main reasons why “Hold My Hand” has become such a popular song is due to its beautiful lyrics and message of support and love. The song is all about standing by your loved ones during tough times and supporting them in any way possible.

The lyrics of “Hold My Hand” are both uplifting and empowering. Lines like “When you feel like you’re drowning, that’s when I’ll come for you,” and “When everything is wrong, just hold my hand,” serve as a reminder of the power of love and solidarity in times of hardship.

The song encourages listeners to embrace their vulnerabilities and seek comfort in the support of the people around them. It is a powerful message, particularly during such challenging times in the world, and has resonated with fans of all ages and backgrounds.

3. The Catchy Pop Beat and Energetic Vocals

“Hold My Hand” is an upbeat pop song that is perfect for dancing and lifting one’s mood. The groovy beat and electrifying vocals from both Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK make it an instant hit among music lovers.

The song’s catchy chorus and energetic verses have made it a fan-favorite for days. Fans cannot help but sing along and dance to the song’s infectious beats.

With its disco-pop vibe and upbeat instrumentals, “Hold My Hand” has become a staple on dance floors across the world, proving that a great song can bring people together in more ways than one.

4. The Stylish Music Video

The music video for “Hold My Hand” is as stylish and captivating as the song itself. The video features both Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK dressed in vibrant, psychedelic outfits, dancing set against a series of stunning backdrops and sparkling special effects.

The visuals of the video perfectly complement the song’s upbeat tempo and motivating message. It serves as a visual representation of what the song is all about: support, love, and strength.

The music video has already gained over millions of views on YouTube, and it is no surprise why. “Hold My Hand” is a sensory feast for fans of both Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK, combining thrilling visuals and irresistible sound in a way that provides a multi-sensory experience.

5. The Far-reaching Impact of the Song

“Hold My Hand” has had an enormous impact on fans of both Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK across the globe. The song has broken records and reached milestones since its release.

It topped charts in over dozens of countries within the first few days of its release, highlighting the universal appeal of the song beyond linguistic and cultural boundaries. Fans are drawn to the track for its positive message, upbeat tempo, and sensational vocals from both of the artists.

The impact of “Hold My Hand” does not just stop at the music charts. The song has played a significant role in bringing people closer together during challenging times worldwide. The message of the song has resonated with individuals of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds, sparking hope and positivity in their lives.


“Hold My Hand” is undoubtedly one of the most uplifting and colorful tracks of Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album “Chromatica.” With an electrifying combination of catchy beats, powerful lyrics, and beautiful collaborations between Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK, “Hold My Hand” has captivated the world’s hearts since its release. It is a testament to the power of music as a universal language that can bring people closer together and provide positivity in even the darkest times. With this song, Lady Gaga and BLACKPINK have created something special and timeless that will continue to inspire and uplift for years to come.

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