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Summary: Elon Musk is an eccentric public figure known for his Tweets that are often provocative and controversial. While many people find his Twitter account entertaining and insightful, others find it to be a terrifying place as Musk frequently makes comments that could potentially put lives at risk or cause significant damage. In this article, we explore five aspects of Musk’s Twitter that make it a terrifying place to be.

1. Musk’s disregard for the rule of law

One of the reasons that Musk’s Twitter account is so terrifying is that he seemingly has no regard for the rule of law. He has been known to make statements that violate SEC regulations, have resulted in lawsuits, and even led to his removal as chairperson of Tesla’s board of directors. Additionally, he has made flippant remarks about the legal system, such as suggesting that he would buy The Onion and use it to “publish a satirical poll that 70% of Americans think Versailles is better than Palace of Versailles”. Such disregard for the law can be alarming, and many worry about the potential consequences of his careless statements.

On top of that, Musk’s Twitter rants often target notable individuals and entities, including politicians, finance professionals, and journalists, among others. His vitriolic statements are sometimes aimed at specific individuals, and they can be highly personal and cruel. Some critics argue that this behavior makes him an influential force in spreading hate speech and bullying on social media.

Ultimately, the lack of respect for the rule of law, coupled with the practice of using the platform for name-calling and passive-aggressive behavior, makes Musk’s Twitter account a truly scary place.

2. Influence on investments

Another aspect of Musk’s Twitter that has caused widespread concern is the significant impact his comments can have on financial markets. When Musk shared that he was contemplating taking Tesla private, the resulting confusion led to chaos in the market that resulted in lawsuits and lengthy investigations.

Musk also tweeted about the coronavirus pandemic and made several claims regarding its severity that were inconsistent with official government recommendations. In doing so, he encouraged people to take actions that could potentially harm their health and that of others. By misleading his followers on such important issues, Musk’s Twitter account can be seen as a significant threat or, at the very least, a responsible platform for issuing such statements.

Another possible consequence of Musk’s tweets is that they can unintentionally manipulate stock prices, leading to unearned profits for some of his supporters, while misfortunes fall upon others.

3. Harmful impact on mental health

Musk is also known for his low tolerance for criticism. The billionaire has lashed out at journalists and social media users alike who have dared to criticize his companies. His attempts to silence dissidents can lead to online harassment and other forms of intimidation, making it difficult for individuals to freely express their opinions without fear of retaliation.

Furthermore, Musk often posts late at night, which can promote harmful sleep patterns among his followers. As a result, others may follow suite, staying up late at night to see what he wrote. Consequently, a potentially unhealthy relationship between the device and his followers can develop, which can hurt mental health in the long term. This toxic behavior has created an environment where any criticism is seen as a form of attack, leading to situations in which loyal followers try and silence critical commentary by other voices.

The lack of boundaries for civil discourse and negative comments that arise as a result can be particularly dangerous for younger users of social media.

4. Risking public safety

Musk frequently tweets about his ambitious goals, including space exploration and the development of self-driving cars. While many people find these statements to be inspirational, others worry that Musk’s cavalier attitude toward public safety could be putting lives at risk.

For example, one study found that deaths from accidents involving self-driving cars were more than twice as high when Tesla’s Autopilot feature was engaged than when drivers were in full control. Musk’s assertions that Autopilot is entirely safe and even superior to human drivers have come under fire from regulators and critics alike.

The entrepreneur’s Twitter account has also been used to aggressively promote various projects that many see as potential threats to public safety, such as the non-experimental Boring Company enterprise.

5. The rise of misinformation

Finally, Elon Musk’s Twitter account has also become a hotbed of misinformation. From disputing climate change and the risks of smoking to sharing conspiracy theories that lack scientific backing, Musk disseminates critical information through his tweets that can be misleading for his millions of followers. This culture of misinformation has intensified during the pandemic outbreak by spreading anti-vaccination messages and suggestions of dubious homemade cures.

This misinformation, which is spread rapidly and furiously by billionaire’s followers in online communities who often fiercely defend their beliefs, can have potentially dangerous consequences, particularly regarding public health issues such as those brought on by pandemics and scientific matters currently misunderstood by the general population.


In conclusion, Elon Musk’s Twitter account is indeed a scary place on the internet. His unpredictable and often downright dangerous statements can have disastrous impacts on public safety, make investing unpredictable, undermine civil discourse, and spread harmful conspiracy theories and misinformation. Even though he is, without doubt, one of the most innovative and fascinating entrepreneurs of our time, his Twitter conduct is cause for caution and underscores the need for more careful scrutiny of social media platforms, particularly of those with a unique influence such as Musk.

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