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Summary: Elon Musk, the visionary entrepreneur famed for his work in the space, automotive, and energy industries, has recently gained attention for something unexpected – his jacket. The white leather jacket adorned with metallic accents and an embroidered SpaceX patch worn by Musk at recent events has sparked interest and admiration from fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. In this article, we will explore the story and significance behind the Elon Musk jacket.

1. The Inspiration

The design of the Elon Musk jacket was inspired by the wardrobe of the iconic comic book character Tony Stark, aka Iron Man. It’s no secret that Musk is a big fan of the superhero – in fact, he even made a cameo appearance in the 2010 film Iron Man 2. The jacket serves as a stylish nod to one of Musk’s favorite fictional characters, as well as a reflection of his own innovative and ambitious persona.

In addition to its pop culture inspiration, the Elon Musk jacket also draws from the aesthetics of classic aviator and military jackets. The metallic details and patches evoke a sense of adventure and exploration, fitting for someone like Musk who is constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Overall, the jacket embodies both the whimsy and practicality that define Musk’s mindset.

2. The Designer

The Elon Musk jacket was created by Los Angeles-based fashion designer Lorenz Baumer. Though he is relatively unknown in the mainstream fashion world, Baumer has an impressive resume. He has designed jewelry for Chanel and Dior, and has served as the artistic director for Louis Vuitton’s jewelry division.

Baumer and Musk share a mutual appreciation for innovation and design, which led to their collaboration on the jacket. In an interview with GQ, Baumer described the process of working with Musk as “a very creative dialogue.” Though he had initial doubts about the feasibility of Musk’s vision, he was ultimately able to bring it to life.

The jacket is a testament to Baumer’s talents as a designer, as well as his ability to translate Musk’s unique ideas into wearable form.

3. The Price

If you’re hoping to snag an Elon Musk jacket for yourself, be prepared to shell out a pretty penny. The jacket is currently available for purchase on the SpaceX website for $695.

While this may seem steep for a single item of clothing, it’s worth noting that the jacket is not just a fashionable accessory but a tangible piece of history. As the brand website states, the jacket is “inspired by the original Nasa design” and crafted from “supple lambskin leather that has been extensively treated for softness and a slightly vintage look.”

For fans of Musk and space exploration, the price tag is undoubtedly worth it for the chance to own a piece of memorabilia from one of the greatest minds of our time.

4. The Impact

While the Elon Musk jacket may seem like a small detail in the larger story of Musk’s career, it has undoubtedly had an impact on his image and public perception. With its sleek design and futuristic flair, the jacket has become a symbol of Musk’s eccentricity and creativity – qualities that are central to his professional success.

In addition to bolstering Musk’s personal brand, the jacket has also brought attention to Baumer’s work and the world of high fashion. While Musk may not be a traditional fashion icon, his influence on popular culture is undeniable, and his endorsement of a particular garment can lead to a surge in popularity.

Overall, the Elon Musk jacket serves as another example of Musk’s ability to capture the public’s attention and generate excitement around his projects – even those as seemingly simple as a single piece of clothing.


The Elon Musk jacket is a unique and intriguing addition to the repertoire of one of the world’s most fascinating innovators. Drawing inspiration from pop culture and military aesthetics, the jacket exemplifies Musk’s playful yet practical approach to design. With its high price point and association with a high-profile figure, the jacket has become a status symbol and conversation starter in its own right. Whether you’re a fan of Musk or simply appreciate well-crafted fashion, the Elon Musk jacket is a must-see piece of sartorial history.

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