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Summary: Fox News has been known to be a strong supporter of Elon Musk and his business ventures. Recently, there has been controversy surrounding the way Fox News reports on Musk’s Twitter activity, particularly when it comes to his comments on COVID-19 and politics. This article will explore the different aspects of Fox News’ coverage of Elon Musk’s Twitter activity.

1. Fox News and Elon Musk’s COVID-19 Tweets

Elon Musk has been vocal on Twitter regarding his opinions on the COVID-19 pandemic. He has been critical of lockdowns and other measures put in place in response to the pandemic. Fox News has often reported on Musk’s tweets without criticism. For example, when Musk tweeted “The coronavirus panic is dumb,” Fox News reported on the tweet without adding their own commentary or fact-checking the claim. This has led to criticism of Fox News for not holding Musk accountable for spreading misinformation about the pandemic.

Some argue that Fox News’ support of Musk’s COVID-19 tweets could be because they align with the network’s conservative ideology, which has also been critical of lockdowns and other pandemic measures. Others believe that Fox News is simply reporting on a story that generates views and clicks, rather than taking a stance on the issue.

Regardless of the reason, the question remains whether it is responsible journalism for Fox News to report on Musk’s tweets uncritically when they spread misinformation about a serious issue that affects millions of people around the world.

2. Fox News and Elon Musk’s Political Opinions

In addition to his tweets about COVID-19, Elon Musk has also been open about his political opinions on Twitter. He has expressed support for candidates like Andrew Yang and criticized politicians he disagrees with, such as California Governor Gavin Newsom. Similar to its reporting on Musk’s COVID-19 tweets, Fox News has reported on his political opinions without much criticism.

Some argue that Fox News’ support of Musk’s political views could be because they align with the network’s conservative ideology. Musk has been critical of regulations and government interference in businesses, which is a common theme for conservative media outlets like Fox News.

However, others believe that Fox News’ coverage of Musk’s political opinions simply comes down to generating views and clicks. Musk has a massive following on Twitter, and any coverage of his tweets is likely to grab people’s attention. By reporting on Musk’s opinions, Fox News is able to attract viewers and increase its online traffic.

3. Fox News and Elon Musk’s Tesla Stock Tweets

Elon Musk has frequently tweeted about Tesla’s stock price on Twitter, causing controversy among investors and regulators. In some instances, Musk’s tweets have led to sharp changes in Tesla’s stock price, leading to concerns about market manipulation. However, despite these concerns, Fox News has often reported on Musk’s tweets about Tesla’s stock without questioning their legality or ethics.

Some argue that this lack of scrutiny is because Fox News benefits from the success of Tesla, which has made Musk one of the richest men in the world. Tesla is widely seen as a successful American business, and Fox News has positioned itself as a supporter of American businesses in the face of increased regulation and government intervention.

Regardless of the motivations behind Fox News’ coverage of Elon Musk’s Tesla stock tweets, many experts have criticized the network for failing to hold Musk accountable for his actions and for further perpetuating the idea that wealthy individuals and corporations are above the law.


In conclusion, Fox News’ coverage of Elon Musk’s tweets is complicated. On the one hand, their reporting can be seen as beneficial for both Musk and the network, as it generates views and clicks. However, many experts argue that Fox News has a responsibility to hold individuals like Musk accountable for their actions, rather than simply reporting on their tweets without criticism.

As Fox News continues to report on Musk’s tweets, it will be interesting to see whether they begin to take a more critical stance or whether they continue to report uncritically on his opinions. Regardless of Fox News’ approach, the controversy surrounding Musk’s tweets is likely to continue, raising important questions about media responsibility and journalism ethics.

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