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Summary: Harry Styles, the British singer and songwriter, has made headlines again with his unique fashion sense. This time, it’s all about his robe. The former One Direction member was spotted wearing a plush and colorful robe in public places several times. In this article, we will delve into the various aspects of Harry Styles’s robe.

1. The Style of the Robe

Harry Styles’s robe is not your average bathrobe. The singer’s robe features a unique style that sets him apart from the rest. The robe is made of plush cotton and features vibrant colors and patterns. The design of the robe looks like something out of a Wes Anderson movie.

One of the most distinctive features of Harry’s robe is the robe’s oversized fit. The robe falls below the knees and has long sleeves. The large fit of the robe adds an extra layer of comfort while also making a fashion statement.

In addition, Harry’s robe features a belt to cinch in the middle, which gives it a more structured look. This feature also allows the wearer to customize the fit to their liking.

2. The Occasions for Wearing the Harry Styles Robe

The occasions for wearing a robe are usually limited to lounging around at home or going to the spa. However, Harry Styles has managed to incorporate his robe into his everyday wardrobe.

The singer has been seen wearing the robe while running errands, attending fashion shows, and even on stage during his concerts. Harry’s ability to wear a robe in public has started a new trend, with fans and fashion enthusiasts alike following in his footsteps.

Moreover, Harry’s robe can be suitable for a variety of occasions, depending on how it’s styled. The vibrant colors and patterns make it perfect for daytime events like picnics or beach outings. On the other hand, the oversized fit and plush fabric make it a great option for cozy nights in.

3. The Inspiration Behind the Robe

Harry Styles’s robe has become an iconic part of his wardrobe, but where did the inspiration for the unique garment come from? The designer behind the robe is none other than the fashion house Bode.

Bode is a brand that specializes in creating unique and one-of-a-kind clothing pieces, repurposing vintage textiles to create something new and innovative. Designer Emily Bode, who runs the brand, was inspired by Harry Styles’s love for bold and colorful prints.

The brand’s focus on sustainability and creating clothes with zero-waste principles aligns with Harry’s own beliefs about environmentalism and reducing waste in the fashion industry.

4. The Price of the Harry Styles Robe

Despite its popularity, the Harry Styles robe comes at a steep price tag. The robe costs $2,950, which is not accessible to everyone. However, it hasn’t stopped die-hard fans from trying to get their hands on it.

The robe is currently sold out on the Bode website, but it’s available for purchase on second-hand websites like The RealReal.

The high price of the robe may be attributed to the fact that it’s handmade in New York City by skilled artisans. The use of sustainable and vintage textiles also adds to the cost.

5. The Impact of Harry Styles’s Robe on Fashion

Harry Styles has always been known for his unique fashion sense, but his robe has made a significant impact on fashion trends. The popularity of the robe has inspired many designers to incorporate bold prints and plush textures into their collections.

The robe has also proven that fashion doesn’t have to be rigid and conventional, and wearing comfortable clothing in public is not a faux pas. The robe’s genderless style has also challenged traditional gender roles in fashion.

Harry Styles’s robe has become a symbol of individualism and self-expression, which resonates with his young fan base and the larger community.


In conclusion, Harry Styles’s robe has become more than just clothing, but rather a statement piece that represents individuality and innovation. The style and inspiration behind the robe make it one of a kind, and its impact on fashion trends cannot be denied. Though the price tag may not be agreeable for everyone, the robe has inspired many to embrace their unique fashion sense and challenge the norm.

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