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Summary: Lady Gaga is a perfect Halloween costume idea for those who don’t mind going all out. With her unique fashion sense, extravagant outfits, and iconic performances, there are endless ways to recreate a memorable Lady Gaga look. Whether you want to pay homage to her early days or channel her latest album, these costume ideas are sure to impress.

1. Classic Lady Gaga

If you’re looking to honor Gaga’s earlier work, there’s no better place to start than with her classic look from the “Poker Face” era. To replicate this iconic outfit, grab a pair of black high-waisted hot pants, an asymmetrical blonde wig, and a studded bra. Accessorize with dramatic sunglasses, gloves, and platform heels.

For those who want a more updated version of this look, opt for a bodysuit with fishnet stockings or tights. Add a statement necklace, lace-up boots, and a leather jacket for an updated take on this classic Lady Gaga costume.

And don’t forget to channel her signature makeup look: bold brows, smoky eyes, and a pop of red or pink lipstick.

2. Joanne Lady Gaga

Gaga’s fifth album, Joanne, introduced fans to a more stripped-down, country-inspired side of the artist. To embody this era of Gaga, start by dressing in denim cut-offs, cowboy boots, and a crop top. Top it off with a wide-brimmed hat and a bandana tied around your neck.

If you really want to commit to the Joanne aesthetic, add some temporary tattoos to your arms and hands. Don’t forget to braid your hair and add some subtle makeup with pink lip gloss or light blush for a softer look.

This costume is perfect for those who want to show off their country flair while still channeling the pop queen herself.

3. Chromatica Gaga

Gaga’s most recent album, Chromatica, is a sci-fi-inspired electro-pop dreamscape full of metallics and futuristic styles. To recreate this look, start with silver or metallic clothing pieces, like a skirt or bodysuit. Add chunky boots, fishnet stockings, and colorful hair extensions or wigs.

Accessorize with statement jewelry, including geometric shapes and oversized earrings. For makeup, opt for bold neon colors and graphic eyeliner, topped off with a glossy lip for the ultimate Chromatica-inspired look.

If you really want to take this look to the next level, add some metallic body paint or glitter to your face and arms for an extra dose of futuristic glam.

4. A Star is Born Gaga

In her role as Ally in A Star is Born, Gaga showed off a more natural, stripped-down look that still managed to capture her unique style. To create this costume, start with a denim jacket and comfortable jeans. Add a graphic tee and a guitar (or ukulele) to complete the look.

For hair and makeup, go for a messy updo and natural makeup with a nude lip. If you want to add a little edge, don’t be afraid to add a few temporary tattoos or cute freckles as seen in the film.

This costume is perfect for those who want to showcase Gaga’s acting chops while still paying homage to her signature style and music.


Lady Gaga Halloween costumes are endless, thanks to her iconic and ever-changing fashion choices. Whether you want to go classic or contemporary, country or futuristic, there’s a Gaga-inspired look for everyone. With these costume ideas, you can channel your inner pop queen and stand out in any crowd. So, put on your best outfit, grab your mic, and get ready to conquer the Halloween party scene!

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