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Summary: Lady Gaga brought her high-energy performance to Minute Maid Park in Houston, Texas on July 25th, 2017. The concert was part of her Joanne World Tour and drew a crowd of over 40,000 fans. Here are five highlights from the unforgettable night.

1. A Tribute to Hurricane Harvey Victims

Lady Gaga didn’t hesitate to acknowledge victims affected by Hurricane Harvey, which had hit Houston just a few months prior to the concert. She payed her respects to the victims by performing her popular song “Million Reasons.” During the performance, she gave an inspiring speech to encourage people to stand strong together in difficult times of hardship.

“Houston, you are not alone. We are all in this together and we will not let anyone or anything stop us,” she said while addressing the crowd.

The tribute was one of the most emotional moments of the night and showed Gaga’s deep compassion for her fans and their community.

2. Costume and Set Changes

Lady Gaga is known for her outlandish outfits and the Minute Maid concert was no exception. She kicked off the show donning a bright red, glittery bodysuit and oversized platform boots. Gaga also changed into multiple outfits throughout the evening, including a silver fringed dress and white, sequin cowboy hat, paying homage to her country music-infused album “Joanne.”

But Gaga’s eye-catching costume changes were only part of the show’s stunning visuals. The stage featured a number of elaborate set designs, including an LED screen that displayed background visuals during certain songs, like the powerful visual effects during the electronic dance music (EDM) infused “Scheiße” performance.

The carefully choreographed synchronisation between Gaga’s costumes and the show’s set designs made the experience both visually and musically sensational.

3. A Stripped-Down Acoustic Set

Despite Gaga’s reputation for theatricality, the talented singer also proved that her voice and songwriting skills could stand on their own, even with stripped-down, acoustic versions of her songs.

During the show, Gaga traded in her over the top performances for a raw acoustic set that showcased her incredible vocal range. She performed classic hits such as “Edge of Glory” and “Born This Way” that moved her audience, especially with the gentle strumming of her guitar.

The performance demonstrated her versatility as an artist and highlighted the lyrics that have inspired countless fans around the world.

4. Pyrotechnics and Special Effects

Gaga brought all the fireworks, figuratively and literally, to this concert. The inclusion of pyrotechnics and special effects really set the show apart from other live performances in this tour. Flames shot out from the stage during “John Wayne” and “Poker Face,” adding extra excitement and heat to the already sizzling concert.

In addition, the stage also featured huge balloons with images of Lady Gaga’s face, which created a unique and playful atmosphere as they loomed over the audience.

The mesmerising use of pyrotechnics and special effects were one of the highlights of the night that kept the crowd enthralled from start to finish.

5. High-Energy Dance Performances

Lady Gaga clearly put 110% effort to make the concert as high-energy as possible. The entire show was packed with powerful dance performances that literally shook the stadium. Choreographed moves and synchronised group dances were elements that impressed audiences, leaving them breathless throughout the night.

In particular, “Bad Romance” performance was a favourite for many fans. The song began with a dramatic entrance as Gaga and her dancers crawled out of a giant structure shaped like an animal skeleton before breaking out into the iconic style of the song’s iconic music video.

The dance performances were the perfect complement to Gaga’s musical talents, creating a highly vibrant and explosive atmosphere that left audiences pumping with adrenaline.


Lady Gaga’s Minute Maid Park concert was undeniably one of the most impressive shows of her Joanne World Tour. She not only staged an unforgettable performance, but also demonstrated her compassion, versatility and talents all in one show. Fans walked away from the concert completely satisfied, having witnessed the full spectrum of Gaga’s creativity and passion.

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