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Summary: On August 14, Lady Gaga took the stage at San Francisco’s Oracle Park for a sold-out show on her Chromatica Ball tour. It was her first live performance in front of a large audience since the pandemic began, and fans were thrilled to see her return. From her stunning visuals to her passionate vocals, here are five highlights from Gaga’s show.

1. The Visuals

From start to finish, Lady Gaga’s Oracle Park show was a feast for the eyes. The stage was a massive, multi-level structure with intricate lighting and video systems that brought the singer’s music to life. From the opening chords of “Chromatica I,” Gaga’s set was awash in pulsing, neon colors and bold graphics that matched the high-energy beats of her songs. Even during quieter moments in the show, the visuals remained captivating thanks to detailed props and costume changes.

Gaga herself was a vision in sparkling bodysuits, brightly colored jumpsuits, and towering platform boots. Her dancers, too, were always perfectly styled, whether they were wearing full-on bodysuits or creatively constructed headpieces. Every aspect of the visual experience of the show was well-considered and executed with precision.

In addition to the physical set and costumes, Gaga’s show also featured immersive video projections that took concertgoers on a journey through space and time. Whether she was performing in a glittering alien cathedral or flying through the clouds in a spaceship, the visuals were always impressive and seamlessly integrated with the music.

2. The Setlist

Lady Gaga’s Oracle Park show was an hour and a half of non-stop hits. She kicked off the night with the energetic “Chromatica I” before launching into fan-favorites like “Alice,” “Poker Face,” and “Rain on Me.” Fans were thrilled to hear a number of tracks from Gaga’s latest album, Chromatica, including “Stupid Love,” “Enigma,” and “Sour Candy” (which featured a pre-recorded performance from K-pop group BLACKPINK). Throughout the show, Gaga also took time to address the crowd, sharing personal anecdotes and expressing her gratitude for being able to perform for a live audience once again.

Of course, no Lady Gaga show would be complete without a few costume changes. With each new outfit, the singer debuted an appropriate new track, adding to the fun and spectacle of the performance. For example, she donned a neon green wig and bodysuit for “Enigma” and a futuristic metallic jacket for “Telephone.”

Overall, Gaga’s setlist was a perfect blend of old and new, managing to make both longtime fans and those unfamiliar with her more recent work happy.

3. The Live Band

While many pop stars rely heavily on backing tracks and pre-recorded music during their live shows, Lady Gaga is known for her incredible live band. At the Oracle Park show, her musical accompaniment was top-notch as always. She was joined by guitarists, keyboard players, and even a string section for some songs. The live instrumentation added depth and texture to the music and allowed Gaga to show off her powerful vocals.

The band members themselves were also impressive performers, often engaging in call-and-response with the crowd or taking center stage for a solo. Highlights included a blistering guitar solo during “Telephone” and a beautiful violin-led intro to “You and I.” It was clear that Gaga has assembled a group of truly talented musicians to support her on tour.

In addition to the band, Gaga’s set also featured live backing vocals from three talented singers. Their voices blended seamlessly with Gaga’s and added an extra layer of richness to the music.

4. The Choreography

Another hallmark of a Lady Gaga show is intricate and visually captivating choreography. At Oracle Park, the singer and her dancers did not disappoint. From the high-energy dance breaks in “Rain on Me” to the sultry moves of “Dancin’ In Circles,” every movement was deliberate and impressive. Some of the most memorable moments included the synchronized arm-waving during “Just Dance” and the fierce strut during “Fashion!”

In addition to the more traditional dance numbers, Gaga’s choreography also incorporated unique props like oversized umbrellas and diamond-studded microphone stands. Even when she wasn’t front-and-center, Gaga’s movement was captivating to watch.

Overall, the choreography added an extra level of excitement and energy to the already thrilling performance.

5. The Encore

After nearly an hour and a half of non-stop hits, Lady Gaga closed out her show with an epic encore. She started things off with a mesmerizing piano rendition of “The Edge of Glory,” accompanied by just one other piano player. The stripped-down performance was a beautiful moment that showcased Gaga’s pure vocal talent. She followed that up with a stirring rendition of “Born This Way,” a song that has become an anthem for inclusivity and self-expression. As the song ended, fireworks exploded over the stadium, bringing the evening to a spectacular close.

But the night wasn’t over yet – Gaga had one more surprise for her fans. After exiting the stage, she reappeared atop the scoreboard in center field, belting out a moving version of “Million Reasons.” The stadium was awash in the glow of cell phone screens as fans sang along, capping off a truly unforgettable night.


Lady Gaga’s Oracle Park show was an incredible display of her talent as a singer, performer, and visual artist. From the stunning set design and choreography to the impressive live instrumentation and passionate vocals, it was a night that fans will remember for years to come. More than that, though, it was a triumphant return to live performance after the long COVID-19 hiatus. For a single night, Gaga brought thousands of people together to forget their worries and dance along to some of the biggest pop hits of the past decade. It was, in every sense of the word, magical.

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