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Summary: Lady Gaga is known for her eclectic fashion sense, but her skeleton costume stands out as one of her most iconic looks. Created by designer Alexander McQueen, the full-body outfit features a skeleton print and has been worn by Gaga in a variety of settings, including music videos and live performances. In this article, we will explore the various aspects of Lady Gaga’s skeleton costume, from its design to its cultural significance and influence on fashion trends.

1. The Designer – Alexander McQueen

Lady Gaga’s skeleton costume was designed by the late Alexander McQueen, a celebrated fashion designer who was known for his avant-garde creations. McQueen was also a close friend of Lady Gaga, and the two often collaborated on fashion projects.

The skeleton costume was inspired by McQueen’s fascination with death and the human body. He had previously explored this theme in his 2001 collection, “Voss,” which featured models dressed in straitjackets and posed in a glass box.

McQueen’s design for Lady Gaga’s costume included a full-bodied unitard with a digital print of a human skeleton. The outfit was constructed from a stretchy, breathable material that allowed for movement and comfort during performances.

2. The Impact on Popular Culture

Lady Gaga’s skeleton costume has become a defining image of her career and has had a significant impact on popular culture. The outfit first appeared in the music video for her hit song “Bad Romance” in 2009, which quickly went viral and helped to solidify Gaga’s status as a fashion icon.

Since then, the costume has been replicated and imitated by fans around the world, and has even inspired Halloween costumes and cosplay outfits. The skeleton print has also become a popular motif in fashion and has been featured on everything from leggings to handbags.

Lady Gaga’s use of shocking and unconventional clothing has also inspired other artists, such as Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj, to push the boundaries of fashion and create their own unique looks.

3. The Costume in Live Performances

Lady Gaga has worn her skeleton costume in a variety of live performances, including her 2010 Monster Ball Tour and her appearance at the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards. During these shows, she often paired the outfit with dramatic makeup and accessories, such as towering high heels and oversized sunglasses.

The costume has also been used as a projection screen in some of Gaga’s shows, adding another layer of visual interest to her performances. In one memorable moment during the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show, Lady Gaga ripped off a silver gown to reveal the skeleton costume underneath, delighting fans and cementing the outfit’s status as an iconic part of her wardrobe.

Lady Gaga has also used the costume to make political statements, such as wearing it during a 2010 performance at a rally in Maine protesting the U.S. military’s “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy.

4. The Skeleton Costume as a Symbol

Lady Gaga’s skeleton costume can be interpreted in a number of ways, including as a commentary on death and mortality, as well as a celebration of the human body and anatomy. The outfit has also been read as a symbol of liberation and empowerment for women, as it allows Gaga to move freely and assert her dominance on stage.

Additionally, the skeleton print has been used in a variety of contexts throughout history, such as in Mexican Dia de los Muertos celebrations or in medical textbooks. As a result, the costume can be seen as a reference to these cultural traditions and a commentary on the intersection of fashion and art.

The costume has also resonated with many fans who have struggled with body image issues and see Lady Gaga’s embrace of her own body as an inspiration.

5. The Enduring Legacy of the Skeleton Costume

Nearly a decade after Lady Gaga first debuted her skeleton costume, its influence can still be felt in both fashion and popular culture. The outfit has become a defining image of Gaga’s career and has inspired countless imitations and tributes.

The skeleton print has also continued to be a popular design motif, appearing on everything from T-shirts to home decor. In 2018, Lady Gaga even launched a line of merchandise featuring the iconic design, including bomber jackets and phone cases.

Overall, Lady Gaga’s skeleton costume is an enduring symbol of her identity as a fashion icon and performer. Its impact on popular culture is undeniable, and its legacy will likely continue to inspire artists and designers for years to come.


Lady Gaga’s skeleton costume is a cultural touchstone that has had a lasting impact on fashion and popular culture. Designed by Alexander McQueen, the outfit features a digital print of a human skeleton and has been worn in a variety of settings and performances. The costume’s influence can be seen in everything from Halloween costumes to fashion designs, and its meaning and significance continue to be debated and interpreted by fans and critics alike.

Despite its controversial and unsettling imagery, the skeleton costume remains an enduring symbol of Lady Gaga’s fearless creativity and innovative spirit.

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