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Summary: Lady Gaga’s lifelong friend, Sonja Durham, passed away after a long battle with cancer in 2017. Durham was an inspiration to Lady Gaga and many others as she fought her illness with grace and positivity. In honor of her friend, Gaga created the Born This Way Foundation to support mental health and wellness.

1. Meeting Sonja Durham

Lady Gaga and Sonja Durham first met in 2007 when Gaga was performing at a music festival. The two quickly became close friends after bonding over a shared love for fashion and music. Durham served as Gaga’s assistant and later became the co-founder of the Born This Way Foundation.

Durham was also there for Gaga during her own struggles with mental health. Gaga has been open about her struggles with depression and anxiety, often using her platform to advocate for mental health awareness and resources.

During an interview with Harper’s Bazaar, Gaga said of Durham: “I’ve been trying to do that for ten years – to try and change the way that beauty is seen…and I think Sonja really gets it. She’s really like minded in me in her approach. Sonja is one of my best friends.”

2. Courageous Battle with Cancer

In 2012, Sonja Durham was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer. Despite her diagnosis, Durham remained positive and determined to fight the disease. She documented her journey on Instagram, sharing her experiences with her followers.

Throughout her treatment, Gaga stood by her friend’s side. The two would often take breaks from tour rehearsals to go to chemotherapy appointments together. Gaga even dedicated a song, “Grigio Girls,” to Durham on her 2016 album Joanne.

Durham passed away in May 2017, but her positivity and strength continue to inspire Lady Gaga and others. In a heartfelt Instagram post, Gaga wrote: “Watching one of your best friends fight cancer with such strength, grace and positivity… I’m reminded of how powerful friendship is and how beautiful it is to witness when someone’s got your back. #grigiogirls.”

3. Born This Way Foundation

The Born This Way Foundation, co-founded by Lady Gaga and Sonja Durham, is a nonprofit organization that aims to support the mental health and wellness of young people. The foundation was inspired by Gaga’s experiences with bullying and struggles with mental health.

The organization provides resources and support for young people dealing with mental health issues, including online resources and community events. The foundation also partners with other organizations to provide mental health services and support across the country.

In honor of Sonja Durham, the Born This Way Foundation has expanded its focus to include support for those battling cancer and their families. The organization hosts events and fundraisers to raise awareness and funds for cancer research and support services.

4. Durham’s Legacy

Sonja Durham’s impact on Lady Gaga’s life and career is immeasurable. Durham inspired Gaga to pursue her passions and stay true to herself, even in the face of adversity. Her courageous battle with cancer taught Gaga and others the true meaning of strength and resilience.

Durham’s legacy continues through the work of the Born This Way Foundation and the many people she touched throughout her life. Gaga often speaks about Durham in interviews and at concerts, honoring her dear friend’s memory and spreading awareness about cancer and mental health.

Sonja Durham’s light may have been extinguished, but her spirit and impact on the world will live on forever.


Sonja Durham’s passing was a devastating loss for Lady Gaga and the many people who knew and loved her. However, Durham’s legacy and impact on the world continue through the work of the Born This Way Foundation and the countless lives she touched throughout her life.

Durham’s positivity, courage, and strength in the face of cancer serve as an inspiration to many, including Gaga herself. The bond between Durham and Gaga is a testament to the power of friendship and the importance of supporting one another through life’s struggles.

Through their work with the Born This Way Foundation, Gaga and Durham aimed to create a kinder, more compassionate world where everyone can thrive. Durham’s memory will continue to inspire the foundation’s mission and the many people who have been touched by her spirit.


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