Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: Biography, Age, Height, Weight, Husband & Kids

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth: Monica Lewinsky is a public figure and is a former government assistant. In this post, we are going to talk about Monica Lewinsky Net Worth. She was active since 1995 only for 10 years and took a 9 years gap from the outside world. With her comeback in 2014, Lewinsky is always in discussions.

Monica Lewinsky is an American activist, fashion designer, TV personality, and a former government assistant. She joined the White House as an intern in 1995 during the presidency of Bill Clinton. Monica Lewinsky came into the limelight after the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal in 1998.

monica lewinsky net worth

Monica Lewinksy Net Worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $2 million. Her essay “Shame and Survival” for Vanity Fair magazine in 2014 got her a positive response among the public. To know more about Monica Lewinsky Career, Scandal, Age, Kids, and much more, read below.

Name  Monia Lewinsky
Net Worth $1.5 million
Occupation Activist, Fashion designer, Television personality, Government assistant, Psychologist
Age 47 years
Years Active 1995-2005


Monica Lewinsky Biography

Monica Lewinsky is a California-born Television personality and also worked as a government assistant from 1995 to 1998. She also founded her own fashion handbag company, The Real Monica, Inc. Here is a brief introduction to Monica Lewinsky’s life.

Celebrity Name Monica Lewinsky
Full Name Monica Samille Lewinsky
Profession Activist, Fashion designer, Television personality, Government assistant, Psychologist
Age 47 years
Gender Female
Birth Date 23 July 1973
Birth Place San Francisco, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Height 1.67 meters
Weight 55 kgs
Marital Status Unmarried
Partner N/A
Children None
Net Worth (as of 2021) $2 million
Last Updated March 2021

Monica Lewinsky Early Life

Monica Samille Lewinsky was born on July 23, 1973, in San Francisco, California. Lewinsky’s parents are Bernand Lewinsky, an oncologist, and Marcia Kay Vilensky, an author who goes by the name Marcia Lewis. Marcia Lewis wrote only one book in her writing career which was a gossip biography named “, The Private Lives of the Three Tenors”. Lewinsky’s family was a conservative Jewish one. In 1987, Lewinsky’s parents divorced and got remarried.

Monica Lewinsky attended Sinai Temple’s school and Sinai Akiba Academy (a religious school). She went to John Thomas Dye School, Beverly Hills High School, and Bel Air Prep and graduated in 1991. For higher studies, she attended a 2-year course at Santa Monica College. She graduated with a psychology degree in 1995 from Portland’s Lewis & Clark College. Due to the crisis of employees at the White House, Monica joined as an unpaid intern in July 1995. By December, she was a paid employee. She graduated from the London School of Economics, with a master’s degree in social psychology in 2006.

Monica Lewinsky Age, Height, and Weight

Monica Lewinsky’s age is 47 as of 2021. Lewinsky’s height is 1.67 meters or 5 ft 5 inches tall and she weighs 55 kgs.

Monica Lewinksy Career

Monica Lewinsky attended as a White House Legislative Of Affairs intern in July 1995. In 1996, the superior workers of the White House moved her from the White House to Pentagon because they thought that the young girl’s actions were inappropriate towards the president. At Pentagon, she worked as an assistant to Kenneth Bacon. She left the job in 1997.

In 1998, the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal came out after one of her friends recorded her calls and brought them to the media. This caused huge unwanted attention to be brought to Lewinsky. Being in an inappropriate relationship with the president of the country, ruined her private life. In March 1999, Monica gave an interview on Barbara Walter’s show 20/20 which was viewed by 70 million people. This show earned her $1 million by international rights.

monica lewinsky net worth in 2021

Lewinsky was also seen in the “Saturday Night Live” show in 1999. In 2000, she started appearing in TV commercials and brand endorsements. She signed a $1 million deal with Jenny Craig, Inc. on a condition to lose 40 pounds of her weight. But, she only received $300,000 out of $1 million and the deal was withdrawn from her. Also, in 1999, her biography “Monica’s Story” was published which she wrote with the co-operation of “Andrew Morton”.

monica lewinsky book

Lewinsky appeared as a guest and also worked as a host for several TV shows including:

  • The Tom Green Show
  • Monica’s Postcards
  • Monica in Black and White
  • Mr. Personality
  • Jimmy Kimmel Live!
  • The View
  • V Graham Norton

In 2005, Monica flew to London and was out of the public’s eyesight for nearly 9 years. In 2014, she made her comeback with an essay “Shame and Survival” in Vanity Fair magazine. After this essay, she became a contributor to the magazine’s website. She started to appear again in several TV shows. For the upcoming movie American Crime Story’s third season “Impeachment”, Monica Lewinsky is serving as the producer.

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Monica Lewinsky Personal Life

Monica Lewinsky stated that she faced post-traumatic stress disorder and was so panicked with the scandal ruining her image. Knitting was a thing that she used to focus on for relieving stress. From this hobby came out the idea of starting her own handbag company “The Real Monica, Inc.”.

monica lewinsky age

About Lewinsky’s relationship status, she keeps her personal life very private. She is not married and does not have any children yet. When discussed her dating life, she stated “You can ask, but I keep my personal life private. I think people have known enough about my romantic life for a lifetime”.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth In 2021

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth as of 2021 is $2 million. Monica earned a great part of her income with the handbag company The Real Monica, Inc. However, she had to put a stop to this business due to the controversies continuously going on about the scandal. After her book “Monica’s Story” was released, Lewinsky earned quite a good sum of money.

Monica Lewinsky Net Worth In 2021 $2 million
Monica Lewinsky Net Worth In 2020 $1.5 million
Monica Lewinsky Net Worth In 2019 $1.5 million
Monica Lewinsky Net Worth In 2018 Not Specified
Monica Lewinsky  Net Worth In 2017 Not Specified


Who is Monica Lewinsky?
Monica Lewinsky is an American activist, TV personality, fashion designer, and former government assistant. She served as a government assistant from 1995 to 1997.
What is Monica Lewinsky Net Worth?
Monica Lewinsky Net Worth as of 2021 is estimated to be $2 million.
Is Lewinsky married?
Monica Lewinsky is unmarried and doesn’t have any children yet. She also talks very little about her personal life.
What is Monica Lewinsky's age?
Monica Lewinsky is currently 47 years old. She started working at the age of 22.
What is the book Monica's Story is about?
Monica’s Story is a biography of Monica Lewinsky in which she explained her side of the story regarding the scandal with Bill Clinton.


That was all about Monica Lewinsky’s biography. We have talked about her early life, career, personal life, scandal, and much more in this post. Monica Lewinsky Net Worth is now $2 million in 2021. We hope you liked this article. For more posts, visit the Celebrity Net Worth website.

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