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Summary: Nicolas Sarkozy is a prominent French politician who served as the President of France from 2007 to 2012. He has been involved in politics for several decades and has held various influential positions in the French government. Throughout his career, Sarkozy has amassed considerable wealth, with estimates of his net worth ranging from several million to tens of millions of dollars.

1. Early Life and Career

Nicolas Sarkozy was born on January 28, 1955, in Paris, France. He studied law and political science at the University of Paris. Sarkozy began his political career in the late 1970s, when he joined the right-wing Union for French Democracy party. In 1983, he was elected as Mayor of Neuilly-sur-Seine, a wealthy suburb of Paris. Sarkozy quickly established himself as a rising star within the party and was appointed Minister of the Budget in 1993.

During his early years in politics, Sarkozy’s income came primarily from his government salary. However, he also earned additional income through book royalties and public speaking engagements. By the late 1990s, Sarkozy had become one of France’s most prominent politicians, and his net worth had begun to grow significantly.

In 2002, Sarkozy was appointed Minister of the Interior, a position that gave him control over France’s domestic security and immigration policies. He used this role to crack down on crime and illegal immigration, which helped to bolster his popularity among conservative voters.

2. Rise to the Presidency

In 2007, Sarkozy ran for the presidency of France and won in a landslide victory. As president, he implemented a number of sweeping reforms, including changes to France’s labor laws and pension system. He also played a pivotal role in France’s military intervention in Libya in 2011, which helped to overthrow dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

During his time in office, Sarkozy’s net worth continued to grow. As president, he earned a salary of approximately $300,000 per year, but he also received significant income from book sales, speaking engagements, and other sources. In addition, he had access to luxurious private residences and presidential perks, such as private jets and chauffeured cars.

Despite his popularity among conservative voters, Sarkozy faced criticism from the left for his handling of the 2008 financial crisis and his perceived favoritism toward wealthy individuals and corporations.

3. Post-Presidential Career

After leaving office in 2012, Sarkozy resumed his law practice and returned to private life. He also became increasingly involved in international political affairs, serving as a mediator in several conflicts, including the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the Middle East peace process.

Throughout his post-presidential career, Sarkozy has remained a highly sought-after public speaker and consultant. He has also continued to earn royalties from his books and other publications.

In more recent years, however, Sarkozy’s net worth has come under scrutiny due to a number of legal issues. In 2018, he was indicted on charges of corruption and illegal campaign financing related to his 2007 presidential campaign. If convicted, he could face up to ten years in prison.

4. Personal Life and Assets

Sarkozy has been married three times and has four children. His second wife, Cecilia Attias, was a prominent public figure in her own right and served as France’s First Lady during Sarkozy’s presidency. His most recent marriage, to model and singer Carla Bruni, has also attracted significant media attention.

In addition to his political and professional pursuits, Sarkozy is known for his extravagant lifestyle and love of luxury. He owns several luxurious properties, including a villa on France’s Cote d’Azur and a $3.5 million apartment in Paris. He is also known for his expensive taste in clothing and accessories, often wearing top designer brands such as Rolex and Herm├Ęs.

Despite his wealth and conspicuous consumption, Sarkozy has also been known to make significant charitable donations. In 2010, he and Bruni donated their wedding gifts to various charities, including the Carla Bruni-Sarkozy Foundation for Underprivileged Children.


Nicolas Sarkozy’s net worth is a topic of much speculation and debate. While estimates vary widely, it is clear that he has accumulated a significant fortune over the course of his decades-long career in politics and public service. While some have criticized Sarkozy for his perceived favoritism toward the wealthy and powerful, he has also made significant contributions to public life and charitable causes. As he faces legal challenges in his post-presidential years, it remains to be seen what impact these issues will have on his financial standing and legacy.

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