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Summary: The news of Ariana Grande’s engagement to Dalton Gomez has taken the internet by storm. The singer has flaunted her beautiful diamond ring in multiple social media posts which has got her fans wondering if it is a promise ring or an engagement ring. In this article, we will delve into the details of promise rings and engagement rings and find out what kind of ring Ariana Grande wears.

1. Promise Rings

Promise rings are a symbol of a committed relationship between two people. It is often seen as a pre-engagement ring that signifies a couple’s commitment to each other before they are ready to get engaged. A promise ring can also represent a promise to abstain from sexual activities, be faithful to each other, or any other promise that the couple wishes to make.

These rings have gained in popularity in recent years, particularly among younger couples who are not yet ready for marriage but want to express their commitment to each other in a meaningful way. Promise rings come in various designs, but they typically do not feature large diamonds like engagement rings.

The beauty of the promise ring is that it can mean anything that the couple wants it to mean. Whether it represents a future engagement or simply the promise to always be there for each other, it is a meaningful symbol of love and commitment.

2. Engagement Rings

An engagement ring is given when a couple decides to take the next step in their relationship and get married. It is a traditional symbol of love, commitment, and devotion. Engagement rings traditionally feature a diamond or a gemstone as a centerpiece, with accent stones surrounding it. The diamond is usually set in a band made of precious metal, such as gold or platinum.

The size of the diamond can vary, depending on the couple’s budget and personal preference. Some engagement rings feature multiple diamonds or a halo design, which gives the illusion of a larger diamond. The design of an engagement ring can also vary greatly, from simple and classic to elaborate and ornate.

It is customary for the man to propose to the woman with an engagement ring, but this tradition has evolved over time. Today, both partners can be involved in the process of choosing the ring, and some couples even choose to get matching engagement rings.

3. Ariana Grande’s Ring

Ariana Grande’s ring has caused quite a stir on social media, with fans speculating whether it is a promise ring or an engagement ring. The singer has not commented on the nature of the ring, leaving her fans to speculate about its meaning.

The ring features a large oval-shaped diamond, surrounded by a pearl-like set of diamonds and set on a delicate platinum band. The design is elegant and timeless, with a vintage feel to it.

While there is no way to know for sure what kind of ring Ariana Grande is wearing, many fans believe that it is an engagement ring given the size and style of the diamond. The fact that she has been seen wearing the ring on her left hand also hints at an engagement.

4. Dalton Gomez

Dalton Gomez is a luxury real estate agent based in Los Angeles. He and Ariana Grande were first spotted together in February 2020, and their relationship became public knowledge in May of that year.

Gomez is known for his discretion and keeping his life out of the public eye, which makes it difficult to know much about him. However, he seems to share a love of music with Grande, as evidenced by his Instagram account, which features multiple posts of him playing the guitar.

The couple seems to have a close and loving relationship, as evidenced by their social media posts and public appearances together. Grande has even included Gomez in her music videos, further cementing their bond.

5. Conclusion

Ariana Grande’s ring has sparked a lot of speculation about the nature of her relationship with Dalton Gomez. While we may never know for sure what kind of ring it is, it is clear that the couple is in a committed and loving relationship. Whether they are engaged or simply wearing promise rings, the important thing is that they are happy together.

At the end of the day, the type of ring that a couple wears is less important than the love and commitment that it represents. Whether it’s a small and simple promise ring or an elaborate engagement ring, the sentiment behind it is what truly matters.

We wish Ariana and Dalton all the best and hope that their relationship continues to flourish!

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