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Summary: Sally Rooney has been making waves in the literary world after the success of her novels Normal People and Conversations with Friends. However, this Irish author’s net worth might surprise you. Despite her achievements, Sally Rooney’s net worth is estimated at $250,000, a number much lower compared to other successful authors. Here we will explore how Rooney makes her money, what factors contribute to her net worth, and why she chooses to live a frugal life despite her success.

1. Sources of Income

As an author, Sally Rooney’s primary source of income comes from book sales and royalties. Her debut novel Conversations with Friends was published in 2017 and became a bestseller. However, it was her second novel Normal People, which was adapted into a television series, that brought Rooney critical acclaim. The success of these books has definitely contributed to her overall net worth, but there are other ways she makes money as well. Rooney also writes for various publications, including The New Yorker, The Guardian, and The Dublin Review. She also teaches creative writing classes, which is another source of income.

Despite being a successful author, Rooney doesn’t come from a wealthy family and has had to support herself financially from a young age. In a 2018 interview with The Paris Review, she mentions working part-time jobs while studying for her undergraduate degree at Trinity College Dublin.

Rooney’s decision to limit her sources of income and focus on her writing is a deliberate one. She mentioned in an interview with The Cut, “People are always giving me unsolicited advice about how to make more money, and I’m just like, no, I really want to make less money.”

2. Literary Success

Sally Rooney’s literary success is a key factor in her net worth. Her novels have been widely praised for their insightful portrayal of young love, as well as their sharp commentary on class, politics, and modern society. Rooney has won several literary awards, including the Costa Book Awards in 2018 and the Irish Book Awards in 2019. In addition to this, her work has been shortlisted for prestigious prizes such as the Man Booker Prize and the Women’s Prize for Fiction.

Rooney’s success has also led to various opportunities that contribute to her net worth. The television adaptation of Normal People was a huge hit and brought in additional revenue through licensing and distribution deals. Additionally, Rooney has been invited to speak at literary events and has been commissioned to write pieces for various outlets.

However, despite all this success, Sally Rooney remains grounded. In interviews, she often speaks about her insecurities as a writer and the pressure that comes with success. She told The Guardian, “There’s a level of scrutiny that is new and sometimes unwelcome, it can be quite anxiety-inducing.”

3. Frugal Lifestyle

Despite her success, Sally Rooney chooses to live a frugal life. In interviews, she has spoken about her distaste for conspicuous consumption and her disinterest in material possessions. She mentioned in an interview with Interview Magazine, “It’s not like I’m trying to deny myself any luxuries or anything; it’s just that I don’t have very expensive taste.”

Rooney lives in Dublin, where the cost of living is relatively low compared to other major cities. Her financial situation allows her the flexibility to live within her means and focus on her writing. However, Rooney’s decision to live frugally is also a political one. She believes that capitalism and consumerism are contributing factors to many of the problems we face today, such as economic inequality and climate change. By choosing to live a simple life, she feels that she is making a statement against these ideologies.

Rooney’s frugal lifestyle might seem surprising given her literary success, but it’s a reflection of her values and beliefs. As she told The Guardian, “The things that give me pleasure aren’t expensive. I like reading, writing, walking.”


Sally Rooney might not have the net worth of other successful authors, but her literary achievements and frugal lifestyle make her an intriguing figure in the literary world. Despite the pressures of success, she remains grounded and committed to her craft. Whether through her writing, or her deliberate rejection of consumerist ideals, Rooney is making a statement about what’s truly important in life.

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