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Summary: Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2020 VMAs was highly anticipated and did not disappoint. With a futuristic theme, numerous costume changes, and powerful vocals, Gaga’s performance was one of the highlights of the night.

1. The Setting

Gaga’s performance began with an aerial shot of New York City, highlighting the city as a prominent character in her performance. The setting provided both a metaphorical and physical backdrop for her performance, emphasizing the strength, diversity, and resilience of New Yorkers.

As the camera zoomed in, Gaga appeared on stage wearing a silver space suit reminiscent of her early days as a pop star. The use of a spacesuit symbolized an escape from reality and a step into a futuristic world imagined by Gaga. The stage design was minimalistic with simple geometric shapes and holographic projections enhancing the futuristic theme, immersing the audience in Gaga’s world.

The grandeur of the setting perfectly complemented Gaga’s powerful vocals and mesmerizing choreography, allowing her to shine in her element.

2. The Music

Gaga performed a medley of songs from her latest album Chromatica, followed by an iconic performance of her hit song “Rain on Me” in collaboration with Ariana Grande. The performance started with the intro of “911”, with Gaga suspended in mid-air while a holographic projection of her beating heart illuminated the backdrop.

The performance then transitioned into “Stupid Love,” with Gaga dressed in a pink leather outfit and coordinating headpiece, giving her a futuristic warrior vibe. Her backup dancers joined her on stage, adding to the visually stunning performance.

After a quick costume change, Gaga emerged wearing a shimmering green outfit and performed “Sine from Above,” adding to the visual appeal of the performance. Her final song, “Rain on Me,” featured Ariana Grande and had the audience on their feet, dancing along to the upbeat and catchy tune. The two pop divas gave a thrilling performance, highlighting their powerful vocals and impressive dance moves.

3. The Costumes

One of the standout features of Gaga’s VMA performance was her numerous costume changes, each one perfectly in line with the futuristic theme of the performance.

Her first outfit, a silver spacesuit paired with a helmet, conveyed a message of escape and exploration of a new world, setting the tone for the rest of the performance. She also wore a pink leather outfit, complete with a coordinating headpiece which added a warrior-like quality to her performance. Her green shimmering outfit emphasized the alien-like vibe present throughout the performance. Lastly, she wore a glimmering silver dress during her duet with Ariana Grande, looking like a vision from another galaxy.

Gaga’s bold fashion choices have always been her trademark and this performance was no different, making fashion lovers and fans alike excited to see what she will wear next.

4. The Choreography

No Lady Gaga performance is complete without impressive choreography, and this VMA performance was no exception. Her backup dancers added a level of high-energy excitement to the performance, moving perfectly in sync with Gaga.

Throughout the performance, the choreography was perfectly timed and executed, highlighting Gaga’s incredible athleticism and agility. Her movements were sharp and precise, adding to the overall visually stunning performance.

The standout moment of the choreography was during her performance of “Rain on Me” with Ariana Grande, with the two pop icons moving perfectly in sync with each other, delivering a mind-blowing performance.

5. The Message

Gaga’s performance at the VMAs was more than just a thrilling entertainment experience; it held a powerful message at its core. Gaga used her platform to highlight the importance of mental health awareness and encourage people to seek help when needed. Throughout the performance, she displayed symbols of mental health and resources for those seeking help.

She emphasized the strength and resilience of New Yorkers and encouraged the audience to lean on each other for support during these challenging times. Gaga has always been an advocate for mental health, but this performance showcased her commitment to promoting the cause and encouraging people to prioritize their well-being.


Lady Gaga’s performance at the 2020 VMAs was a cultural moment, showcasing her incredible talents as a performer and her unwavering commitment to promoting mental health awareness. With a futuristic theme, impressive choreography, stunning costumes, and powerful vocals, Gaga wowed audiences and left them wanting more.

Gaga’s performance was a perfect representation of her artistry and creativity, making it one of the highlights of the night. Her message of mental health awareness and resilience resonated with viewers around the world, making her performance all the more impactful.

Ultimately, Lady Gaga’s performance was a reminder of the power of music and how it can unite and inspire people during difficult times. It was a much-needed escape from reality and a step into an imagined future filled with hope and resilience.

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