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Summary: Ariana Grande is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, but her success was not always a smooth ride. Her father, Edward Butera, was abusive to her mother and the family before they split up. It has been speculated by many that Grande was also a victim of her father’s abusive behavior. This article will look at some of the reasons why Ariana Grande may have been abused by her father.

1. Relationship dynamics

Family dynamics can play a significant role in abuse. It is possible that the relationship between Ariana’s parents was tumultuous leading to abusive incidents. Coercion, threats, and intimidation are often used in domestic violence, which can lead to feelings of isolation and fear in victims.

Ariana Grande’s parents split up when she was young, and this could have caused a lot of stress and tension in the family. Her father may have felt powerless and angry, leading to an abusive behavior towards his daughter.

The death of Ariana’s grandfather, with whom she was very close, may have also contributed to the hostile family environment. Grief and mourning can trigger strong emotions and erratic behavior, which can exacerbate existing problems.

2. Addiction problems

Substance abuse can increase the likelihood of domestic violence. If the abuser has struggled with addiction, they may be more likely to act violently as a way to control their addiction or alleviate withdrawal symptoms.

There have been reports of Edward Butera struggling with addiction issues, which could have impacted his behavior towards Ariana and the family. Substance abuse can also contribute to financial instability and other stressors that can increase the likelihood of abusive situations.

In addition, if Ariana Grande was aware of her father’s addiction issues, she may have felt helpless, scared, or confused, leading to feelings of anxiety and depression.

3. Power and control

A common factor in domestic violence is power and control. An abuser may use physical or emotional tactics to maintain control over their victim or feel a sense of power in their relationship. This can manifest in various ways, including intimidation tactics, financial abuse, or monitoring their partner’s behavior.

The fact that Ariana was a child star, who had gained immense popularity and fame even at a young age, could have posed a challenge to her father’s control and authority in the family. Her career and the public admiration could have diminished his status, and in retaliation, he may have used abusive tactics towards her.

Furthermore, Ariana’s father may have used psychological manipulation techniques such as gaslighting, which could have eroded her self-esteem and confidence and made her more vulnerable to abuse.

4. Mental Health Issues

Mental health issues can play a significant role in domestic violence. If the abuser has untreated mental health problems, they may be more likely to act violently, and it could be challenging for them to control their behavior.

Ariana Grande has spoken openly about her struggles with anxiety and PTSD following the Manchester bombing, which occurred during her concert in 2017. It is also possible that her father might have had mental health issues that negatively impacted his behavior towards her.

Mental health issues can increase stress, anxiety, and depression, making it challenging to manage emotions and cope with difficult situations. This may have intensified tensions within the family and led to abusive behavior on the part of Ariana’s father.

5. The impact of abuse

The effects of abuse can be long-lasting and detrimental. Victims may experience trauma, mental health problems, and difficulty forming healthy relationships later in life.

Ariana Grande has spoken out about the impact of the Manchester bombing on her mental health and how it has affected her work and personal life. It is also possible that she suffers from ongoing trauma and emotional scars from her experiences with her father.

It is crucial to recognize that abuse is never the victim’s fault, and support and resources should be provided to help them heal and move forward in a positive way.


In conclusion, there could be various reasons why Ariana Grande was abused by her father. Relationship dynamics, addiction issues, power struggles, mental health problems, and the impact of abuse can all play a role. It is essential to understand that domestic violence is a complex issue and that anyone can be a victim. We must take steps to prevent and intervene in abusive situations, provide victims with support, and hold abusers accountable for their actions. If you or someone you know is experiencing abuse, reach out to local helplines and support services for help and guidance.

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